Leadership Philosophy

If I have no passion, what is my purpose?  

I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection in the past couple of months and trying to understand exactly who I am as a leader, but also questioning how people see me as a leader. From my own self-reflection I’ve come to the conclusion that I am a fair and compassionate leader. This is something I take pride in because those are some of my values I have for myself and that I finally feel as if I have lived up to something that I’ve always wanted for myself. Although when I asked others what kind of leader I was I was told that I am a fair, patient, open minded, generous, and a very personal leader being that I stay true to myself and that’s why people feel comfortable around me. After hearing this I was actually in slight shock because I had narrowed myself down to two simple words but people view me as more than just what I see myself. This can be related back to how I was raised to be and they “why” behind the way I am.

I believe in fairness and making sure others feel included. I’m fairly sure I learned this trait from my mom. I come from a long line of leaders, but have been the closest with my mom and am very close with my mom. She is my role model and she is a very compassionate and fair leader, which is what I look up to. My mom wouldn’t necessarily come off as a leader to most people because she doesn’t follow the typical “stereotype”  that people put with leaders. She is a behind the scenes person and makes sure that her people are taken care of. I’ve always looked up to this even from young age.

In this past year I have discovered that my passion are the underrepresented groups, specifically the hispanic community. I was put in a very difficult position where myself and my friend, both of us being women of color, were told that we had no right to feel upset about someone being racist against “another race”.  After having many conversations with this person This really got me thinking about how stereotypes are placed on people just by what other people think and what they’ve heard without taking time to get to know the community or what they’re about. This is my passion.

I’ve decided to study Secondary Education and I want to be able to prevent what has happened to me in the past to other people of color. My personal experiences have made such deep impact on me and I know that what happened to me was in fact meant to happen. Without this awful experience I never would have had found my fire for racial equality. I want to turn my passion into purpose.

If you don’t have a “why” for why you are doing something, whatever it is you are trying to do is going to fail. This is something I have had to learn in my life. It takes a while to learn and understand what it is, but after finding it you basically feel invisible. You have found a path you have passion about.

Leadership Philosophy is a very confusing topic to write about. It takes more self-reflection than I am personally used to, but it’s also essential because if there is no real philosophy why someone leads the way they do, whatever that person is doing is going to be confusing to them because they don’t know why they are doing what they are doing. Without finding your passion, your purpose as a leader is going to be awfully hard to find.


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