When I first arrived to CMU campus I was very nervous to join anything by myself, but I knew I wanted to be involved. But getting involved the very first semester was hard on so many levels, not just because of my nervousness, but because I had no idea how I was going to be able to balance volunteering and schoolwork, but by this second semester I have finally figured it out. Below are my current involvement and what I plan on being involved in the next couple of weeks.

Leadership Institute:

Being a part of the LI has really opened me up to so many things and is part of why I was able to attend CMU. I’ve met amazing people through it and have been able to experience so many amazing things. The LI was definitely a crush for me when I was first here, it was something that helped me grow and something to lean on when I though I wouldn’t be able to stand on my own and I will forever be grateful for it.img_5074

Program Board:

Program Board is my most recent involvement. I just joined the beginning of the semester by attending meetings. Program Board is a great place. We’re able to work on bringing people to CMU for entertainment, talks, etc. I’ve enjoyed my time there so far sam-and-livand was actually named member of the month alongside my friend, Olivia.






In about two week I am going to start attending meetings of Communications Association which an RSO for COM majors/minors. I am very excited to join this because I will be able to meet and talk with other people with the same interests as me so I can make those connections and network for the future and present.


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