Ted Talk | Simon Sinek

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

I recently watched a TedTalk video featuring Simon Sinek. This video was titled “How great leaders inspire action”. In the beginning of the talk he introduced The Golden Circle which he referred to throughout the rest of the talk. The Golden Circle is a diagram that has three levels of thinking: what, how, and why. The “what” is “What do thgoldencircleey do”, the “how” is how they do it, and the “why” is why they do it, To put this in perspective various companies were mentioned but more so The Apple Company. Apple is one of the very few companies that utilizes the “why” and tells consumers why they make what they make and the reason is because they believe in challenging the status quo. Another company could come up with an idea and be able to tell you what it does, and how they made it but if they don’t tell you why they made it, you are not going to be as inclined to buy the product. You don’t feel motivated to buy it.

“If you talk about what you believe you will attract people who believe what you believe”

Why is this important? It’s important to have people supporting you who have similar beliefs because if you do not then that task you are setting out to do will not succeed. Sinek brought up the Wright Brothers for this example. The Wright Brothers were famous for flying the first airplane after continually failing and then improving from that failure. Because they had people working for them who wanted to be there in helping them create their dream into a reality they were successful. One person most people have never heard of, including myself, was Samuel Pierpont Langely. Langely was also in the race to fly the first airplane. He hired the brightest of minds and worked hard. The difference between the Wrights and Langely is that the Wrights had a “why” and Langely did not. The Wrights had people helping them who were there to support them and their beliefs and dreams when the people working for Langely did not. The workers for Langley were there for the paycheck, that was their purpose.

“We follow those who lead not because we have to, but because we want to.”

It is our job as leaders to have a “why” statement. If we don’t have one how do we really know that we are leading those with similar beliefs. People choose to follow us. It’s not “I have a plan”, it’s “I have a dream”. I know that after watching this TED talk that I want to be a leader that leads with a “why” rather than not having one at all. I know that I need to start thinking about why I am doing things and not do them because they need to be done. I need to have purpose and passion.

My Why Statement: “Inspire others to find their passion and love loudly”

What is your why statement?


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