Leadership Lecture

During the Connections Conference I was able to hear Erin Smith-Gaken speak. Erin spoke about ‘The Dirty Dozen’ or in other words ethics. I truly enjoyed listening to this and getting another perspective of things I was doing that were ethically incorrect. For example, taking extra things from the cafeteria that were not really allowed to be taken out. I mainly talked about this in my blog from the actual Connections Conference but I am going to go over it again.

Turns out most people are on the same page when it comes to making ethical decisions. It sounds like the best thing to do and we try to make them but there are some that slip under the radar of being ethical. There was an example of accidentally forgetting to pay for a vitamin water that was only $3. Should you go back and pay for it? I personally said no because it was an accident and I didn’t wouldn’t want to go back and pay for it since it was only $3. It’s decisions like these when we are supposed to go back and pay for that drink. It’s morally and ethically correct.

As leaders, we are supposed to be making these ethically correct decisions. People look up to us and if they see us making those wrong decisions they either might question our motive or they are going to decide to make those same decisions and think “if they’re doing it, why can’t I?” But we should want to put out the best example of how to be. We want to put our best foot forward and be prepared to make ethical and right decisions.



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