Psychology Reflection

PSY 100 was one of my favorite classes this semester. I got a better grip on how the mind works and how other people think. Throughout the class our professor, Matthew Pruitt, related what he was teaching back to leadership. On top of now being able to see how certain peoples minds work, I now have a better understanding on how to work with people and what their thinking processes are.


In one essay we had to talk about motivation. The scenario was that a store had recently hired a new manager. The employees had been putting forth the “bare minimum” and we had to decipher why they were doing what they were doing and had to then identity the relationship needs,intrinsic rewards, relatedness, and growth needs. This can be related back to an organization. Say the organization as the store with the new manager. One reason the members in the organization are giving the bare minimum would because there is not a relationship established with the new person charge. The is relationship need. The solution to this is for the new head to get to know the people. Talk with them and work at their level until there is a relationship that is built. Leadership is about having relationships with your followers. If there isn’t a healthy relationship, then there isn’t going to be a positive response.

Motivation and Rewards: 

Continuing with the organization with the new leader scenario there has to be some sort of reward for work that is done. There needs to be some recognition for the work that is put out. Maybe it’s just a pat on the back or a “well done” but giving that small recognition  is going to change how they feel. This is called an intrinsic reward and is going to make them feel good about what they’re doing. This reward does not have to be given every time something is done or else it would feel almost robotic and wouldn’t give that person the same satisfaction. But every now and again is going to do that person wonders. It makes them feel valued and motivates them to continue putting out positive outcomes.


A possible scenario is that the leader before you left the organization worse then when they found it, which is not what we are supposed to do as leaders. But now the organization has growth needs. Growth needs are for the individuals in the organization. If the leader before hadn’t done their job to the best of their ability and had left some people behind in the process. This means that as the leader we need to go back and help those individuals grow before we can try to expand and have the organization grow.



These are just a few examples of things that I have learned about leadership while taking Psych. Having taken the class with most of my LAS cohort put into perspective how many different individuals we have and how their minds work and process what is given to them. Hearing them as questions gave me enough insight to help me figure out and think about the best ways to work with them on things. But I can also take this newly learned knowledge to other organizations I’m involved in. With anything there is a certain level of leadership whether it is a job or an organization you are either leading or just following. These scenarios can be applied to most scenarios in your own life.


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