SPARK Leadership

On September 16th, a Friday, I attended the Spark Leadership conference that is hosted by the Leadership Institute. Being someone who has been involved in Leadership since I was a freshman in High School I have been to MANY leadership conferences. But this conference, in my opinion, has been one of the best leadership conferences I have been to. Throughout the day we got to discuss leadership styles, how the different leadership styles work together, how they rely on each other, and how we can take our newfound styles back to our groups and improve the group. I appreciate how leadership styles and working together was focused heavily at this conference. Personally I had always questioned what my style was and how I could use it in my groups I’m involved in and how I can improve what I do and how I am as well.

I feel like the conference was meant to focus on creating inclusive leaders. The two activities that my group did focused on using each part of the team to get to the common goal. Nobody was able to work by themselves because if they did then the goal would not have been reached. One of the activities was working to get an “eagle egg” from one point to the next without it falling or any of us touching it or getting to close. sparkThe egg was balanced on top of something that had strings attached to it and that’s how we had to balance it. But it wasn’t just a straight path. We had to travel over “fallen trees” and other obstacles that were meant to represent the obstacles we face when leading a group of people. This was my favorite activity of the day. It was fun and got the whole group thinking and talking to each other about what they thought would work and then that would start group discussions on why they felt that it would work. It set up a good way to how group discussions are supposed to go. Sometimes it’s hard in groups no matter the size to get your ideas in but this made it possible to get into the practice of making sure our ideas our heard in group settings.

Overall this conference was about building stronger leaders on campus. One thing I really like about the Leadership Institute is that they don’t close off their conferences to just LAS recipients but they involve students around campus so we can learn together and become leaders for all organizations across campus to make our campus an even better campus.


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