Leadership Safari 2016

August 20th through August 24th I attended an event called Leadership Safari. Leadership Safari is offered to Central Michigan Universities incoming freshman and transfer students. I didn’t know about the life changing experience I was signing up for, I just wanted to move in 5 days early and get out of my parents house and start my first year of college.

Like I mentioned before I did not know what safari was. All I knew was that it was something to do with leadership and I was in. I hadn’t watched any of the videos from the years prior, I didn’t know how crazy it would be, and I didn’t know about all of the amazing things and friendships I would receive from those five days.

If I had to choose my top three favorite moments from Safari I would have to choose bagging food for kids in the community who do not have access to food outside of school, listening to Michael Miller, and being with Team Starfish the whole time.

I feel like I definitely learned a lot from this week. I was with an amazing group who held no judgment and truly cared what everyone had to say and also what everyone was feeling. I know that had a lot to do with my overall experience at Leadership Safari. I consider myself an outgoing introvert, which is a thing, and sometimes it’s very hard for me to be myself with people I don’t know. Having anxiety doesn’t help with that either. But I learned how to step outside of my comfort zone all over again. About half way through I was able to give 100% in everything that was happening. I was able to be the leader I know I am.

I absolutely recommend Safari to any incoming freshman or transfer student because it is going to open doors for friendships, networking, and is also an amazing learning experience. The amount of knowledge you gain from those five days is impeccable, and there are not many places that can give you that same type of experience. I am so blessed that I chose to go to a college that offers this type of program and encourages everyone to attend, thank you CMU.




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